New Video: How We Built mbtaviz

We spoke about mbtaviz at a data visualization conference setup by NEASIST a couple of weeks ago which was a great experience.  Thanks again to Tom and Kate for giving us a chance to present and to everyone we talked to during the day.  Check out the website for a description of our talk plus some of the awesome people we got to present with.

WGBH was kind enough to edit and post a video of our talk to their forum network on YouTube.  We focused on the process used to create Visualizing MBTA Data and walked through a couple of specific examples of how we worked with the data.  We also touched on the tools we used throughout the project for task management, code hosting, and creating the visualization itself.  We didn’t touch on many design principles or implementation details. Check out our repo on github for a listing of some of the previous handouts that do go into more of those details.  Video is below for your viewing pleasure.




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